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Precision Metal Finishing Solutions

Hirsh Finishes provides premier anodize and metal finishing services that manufacturers and OEMs can rely on. 

What we offer

Metal Finishing Solutions

Our team provides premier metal finishing operations that range from Type 2 anodize to stainless steel passivation.

Type II Anodize, Class 1 (Non-Dyed)

Type II standard anodized aluminum has a coating up to 1 millimeter thick and is sealed to lock in the dye and close the pores after the anodizing process for improved corrosion resistance. It is the most common type of aluminum anodizing.

Type II Anodize, Class 2 (Dyed)

Type II anodic coatings are used to protect and color aluminum parts for decorative purposes only, where there are minimal requirements for durability. Typically, these are thin, highly porous, clear coatings that will easily receive dyes. These coatings can be dyed in a wide spectrum of colors, although currently our team only offers black.

Type III Anodize, Class 1 (Non-Dyed)

Type III Hard Coat anodized aluminum is a thicker, more durable coating up to 2 millimeters thick. It is also available in non-dyed and dyed options. For the best wear resistance, and when adhesion is required on a non-dyed component, it is typically not sealed.

Type III Anodize, Class 2 (Dyed)

Type III (Hardcoat Anodized) requires more exacting process conditions, which result in a harder, denser, thicker, and more abrasion-resistant coating. Hardcoat thicknesses can vary from 0.0005 to 0.0030: and beyond, but it is dependent on the specific alloy being anodized.

Chemical Conversion Chem-Film

Chemical Conversion coating is often referred to as Chem Film, chromate coating, or yellow chromate coating. This coating process applies chromate to the metal substrate, creating a surface that is corrosion-resistant, durable and exhibits stable electrical conductivity.

Stainless Steel Passivation

Passivation is a chemical treatment with a specific acid formula that removes free-iron or other surface contamination from the stainless steel while simultaneously promoting the formation of a passive chromium/nickel oxide layer to act as a barrier to further corrosion.

Teflon Coating

Teflon coating protects final finishes against corrosion, wear, and abrasions. Its durability and temperature resistance properties make it ideal for a variety of applications, including those across the aerospace, medical, and electrical component industries. 

Markets we serve


We provide metal finishing services to the aerospace, medical, automotive, and defense industries.

Our team also accepts walk-in clients from the private and civilian sectors. 

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